16. C++ notes

This is not yet really written, but here’s the idea:

Programming in C++ comes up a lot. Most C++ programmers use C++ withought understanding the grave consequences that this can have on their project.

So it is important to (a) understand C++ conceptually and in the broad picture of programming, (b) understand when it’s possible to avoid it, (c) learn best practices to avoid some of the problems.

16.1. How C++ fits into the landscape of programming

16.2. How to avoid using C++

16.3. Best practices in C++

16.4. Source indenters

The classic C indent only does a half-hearted attempt.

artistic indent: aindent

16.5. Examples of specific questions

To see how some people think through some aspects of C++ here are some discussions.


16.6. Resources

Good practices for exception handling:

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/134569/c-exception-throwing-stdstring which points to https://www.boost.org/community/error_handling.html